Trinity DDD aim to be the provider of the Content on Mobile & Mobile Application. We produced content in response to user groups 3G & 4G and future technologies.

TRINITY DDD Vas Aggregators Based On Thailand.

We are Performance Marketing, Mobile Digital Content,
Mobile Payment Gateway direct with Thai operators Ais, Dtac and TruemoveH.


Mobile Download is a download service for mobile services. Categorized as SMS Download, Wap Download, Application Download.


Maximize your opportunities and returns, Low Risk and Guaranteed results from the truth of charging. Joint investment in Trinity DDD company.

You should maximize opportunities for your money. Through a joint venture the Trinity DDD. You will earn a higher returns than fixed deposit rates of the banks up to tenfold (for two years). Just you take money to invest with us. We are one stop services of Mobile Content (Direct Carrier Billing, Mobile Digital Content, Performance Marketing, Mobile Payment Gateway and Production House) and we also focus on transparency and adherence to professional ethics and comply with the NBTC.

Income Outcome

Currently, The banks in Thailand offer low interest rates and not worth.
For example,
you have a budget of 200,000 baht to open a fixed deposits account for 2 years, the interest rate of 3%.
So you receive interest 6,000 baht. If you to invest money with us. You receive 69,152 baht.
See from this graph The graph shows the breakeven point in approximately one year and after the money coming, it is long-term profitability. Of course, Trinity DDD make higher returns than the banks.
Note: The graph above is the actual data of our partners.
The Trend Of Using Smartphones 2016
The current mobile market in Thailand, the demand for smart phones will continue to increase steadily.
As a result, sales of feature phones declined. The tablet market is expected to slow down. Due to its performance, it cannot replace PC.
After the success of the auction 4G spectrum licenses in 1800 and 900 MHz make more efficient and better speeds of mobile broadband network in Thailand.
It can be predicted that the use of 4G / LTE in Thailand will increase more than fivefold. In 2018, 4G users will have up to 30 percent of all phone users.
Including the use of smart phones in 2016, smart phones will increase to 45 million.
Device Share of impressions
Smartphone : 81.1%
Tablet : 18.4%
Feature Phone : 0.5%

The number of smartphone

Currently, Smartphones are used more than 30 million and in the next 2-3 years there will be about 60 million smart phones.
From the summary about the telecommunications industry in Thailand. Clearly, the telecom industry in Thailand is likely to continue growing.
This also resulted in the Content Provider business are expected to grow more than twofold.
Because the number of smartphone users increased and the better performance of 3G & 4G makes it easy to access on the service on their phones.


One stop solutions business management for SMS lucky draw.

We can provide the following, Marketing activities for business plan / Group analysis / Mobile billing gateway / Documentation for a permit from the Interior Ministry / Location services for prize draw etc.


The advantage of choosing the SMS Lucky Draw.
Encourage more consumers to buying and using your products. As a result of expanding markets broadly.
Increase motivation and appeal in your product or service.
Emphasize a product or service to be remembered by consumers.
Uniqueness of the product or service.
Creating a positive brand image of the business.
Engaging effectively with customers.
Verify the ownership of mobile number 100%.
Measure the response clearly.
Show the results of the activities quickly.
For Example
SMS Lucky Draw by sending a message on the product such as message in a bottle cap, side or inside of the product box
SMS Lucky Draw by sending member code , Receipts No. , Warranty code
SMS Lucky Draw join on Facebook , SMS Brand Product.


Reach Customers Instantly Anytime , Anywhere.
As SMS marketing provider , One-stop solutions for SMS delivery.

SMS marketing is the good and effective way to promote your organization.
It's using easy , saving time and cost of the marketing.


SMS Alert

● We are capable of delivering messages reliably, securely and instantly to many people and low cost for your bulk SMS messages.
● SMS marketing can be used to promote or public relation events such as
● SMS for Alert
● Inform
● Publicity
● Promotion of products and services
● Impress customers etc.

The advantage of choosing the SMS Marketing.

● The SMS Marketing expanding business into a new market effectively.
● Gaining a consumer with special offers and promotions to them to be loyal customers.
● Create a memorable brand to influence the purchasing decision.
● Text message engagement rates are 6-8 times higher than email.
● Low cost for bulk SMS messages

For Example

● Alert messages such as Expiry alert of service or membership
● Special offers and promotions
● Public relation
● Accept / Confirm / welcome new members
● Birthday greetings
● sms for all occasions
● SMS of Customer Relation Management etc.


Often the use of SMS Vote in businesses such as television, radio, print media, or the Internet. It is used in conjunction with many activities, such as participating in the program, vote, poll, etc.

At present, SMS Vote is very popular. Because the media received a quick response. And target customers. To be effective in marketing as well.

Examples of SMS Vote with activities in businesses such as
Organization To use to create a poll. Explore opinions on various topics.
TV shows or radio shows To apply to the audience. Join the game. The topic that the list.
Businesses that use marketing activities, such as attending discounts or rewards.
The Event to apply to explore the attitude. To evaluate the next event.
Advantages for using the SMS Vote service.
Direct target customers. And respond quickly.
To know the popularity explore on issues immediately.
Helps create a good corporate image. And make good relationships with customers easily.
The data can be used to analyze marketing effectively.
It saves labor and time. The marketing is excellent.
Therefore, the use of SMS Vote is considered a modern media. And is very popular for business.



Low investment, High return.
Sms location messages sent directly to customers. Boost sales, Reach customers instantly.

It would be better? No need to employ a lot of people, Reach customers with your fingertips, Direct delivery to customers anywhere as you want.


90% of the customers open to read through a few simple steps.
● 1. Define a message
- 160 English letters.
- Thailand 70 letters.
● 2. Define a user name
- 11 English letters
● 3. Choose location
- Indoor (building)
- Outdoor (area/district)
● 4. Schedule your campaign
- Select the day.
- Select the time interval.
● 5. Delivery reports
- We will deliver a report at the end of the campaign.
LBS Location Based Service
You can send sms and mms.
You can choose a place/group/sex customer.
To match with your existing item.
Affordable price Compared to other ad formats.


A worthwhile investment and see real results.
Guaranteed by the number of customers as you wish.
If the result is not good. Do not pay money!

The online advertising CPA (Cost per Action) is considered the market that worth. For investors who want the response back. Such as the number of subscribers, the number of people registering, the number of accesses etc. We will charge you when the action occurred.

Of course, our online advertising to make your advertising rates increased and more effective. Because we can target audiences to advertisers as you want. Such as Media Sexy, Game, Variety etc. You can also choose the provider of mobile phone network. (AIS, Dtac and True Move)


The advantages of advertisers
Choose Action Point such as the subscription service, registration or to downloading mobile applications etc.
Select the desired target such as Devices, Network, Category, Media etc.
We have many sites to the partner. All sites are qualified and selected by us.
Get the best return. Worth the investment.
If you are Interested in the advertising with us.
E-mail : marketing@trinityddd.co.th


We are Content Provider and Producers.
Which about news and entertainment (Variety Content) via SMS.

Our Content Available such as funny clip, joke, hilarious, cute girl, wallpaper, cartoon etc.



Exclusive Girl


Activity Girl


Wallpaper Guy


Trinity DDD was founded in 2009 is content provider in Thailand.

Our services prepared for mobile phones in multiple formats to support you (one stop service).
So we always have to improve the quality of content and technology to comply with the new trends.
Of course, We set a goal to expand our market throughout Asia.
Address Location
Ladprao district, Bangkok